Transformative Opportunities in
the Sports Markets

Wearable Sensors & Big Data

  • Advances in wearable sensors, AI, and “big data” analytics are creating a revolution in how athletes of all types train, perform and recover, reducing injury and improving biomechanics
  • Collected data and insights creates value for not only athletes, but also coaches, fans, and sponsors

Augmented / Virtual Reality

  • AR and VR are transforming how sports are watched and consumed, creating immersive experiences that were previously unimaginable
  • Athletes and coaches will also leverage AR and VR to improve training and performance

Next-Gen Digital Media

  • “Over-the-top” digital streaming media enables fans to watch any sport and any team from anywhere in the world
  • Niche sports categories, beyond those covered by traditional networks, are rapidly expanding global fan bases and sponsors

Biohacking & Neurofeedback

  • Emerging products such as advanced nutritional supplements, brain wave therapies, and cryotherapy are increasing athletic performance and recovery for both athletes and amateurs

Lifestyle Sports

  • Individual sports such as yoga, cross training, and rock climbing are growing rapidly, fueled by social networks
  • Associated lifestyle clothing, gear and accessories have become intensely personal branding statements

eSports / vSports

  • eSports are exploding in popularity, particularly among post-millennials, challenging traditional sports in size and scope

Fan Engagement

  • Social media and daily fantasy sports (DFS) are dramatically increasing fan engagement and are creating direct connections between fans and athletes
  • 56M Americans now play fantasy sports, spending $26B in 2015

Smart Venues

  • Stadiums are transitioning to a fan-focused, immersive environment enabled by emerging technologies
  • The live game experience is being redefined through advancements such as AR/VR, interactive displays, cashless commerce, drones, and beacon-based location services
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