Motion Ventures is uniquely focused on sports and active lifestyle startups

Who We Are

With deep expertise in the sports industry and over 100 years of collective operating and investment experience, the Motion partners bring a unique set of talents and experience to the table.   We have built successful companies from start up through IPO and know what it takes to succeed.  Our success as business operators allows us to uniquely assist entrepreneurs turn new ideas into breakthrough companies.

What We Invest In

Motion Ventures is focused on sports and active lifestyle companies, particularly those that leverage unique, game-changing technologies that have the potential to change the landscape of their industry.


“A good hockey player plays where the puck is.  A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.”

– Wayne Gretzky

The Motion Differentiator

We are a focused early-stage sports and active lifestyle investor. Following our initial investment, we continue to support our portfolio companies with future funding rounds. Our team has deep expertise in the sports industry, as well as valuable strategic relationships that drive proprietary deal flow. We seek to build long-term supportive, collaborative and trusting relationships with the entrepreneurs in which we invest. The extensive investment and management experience of our partner group gives us a shared perspective and enables us to provide valuable mentoring in areas such as management, hiring, strategy development, go-to-market plans, and exit strategies.

The Motion Advisory Board

Motion’s Advisory Board is made up of talented individuals such as Hall of Fame athletes, experienced sports executives, and founders who have started some of the most successful and relevant companies in their sectors.  We pair our Advisory Board members with each of our portfolio companies to ensure they realize rapid traction and avoid the pitfalls that entrepreneurs often make.  The Motion Advisory Board also helps us to identify investments that others might not have the opportunity to recognize and properly evaluate.

Our Ethos

A future where children and teens are fit and active, not obese, and where adults live longer and healthier lives…a future where professional and amateur athletes avoid concussions and traumatic brain injuries (TBI), and perform better, heal faster, play safer, and have more productive careers…a future where fans experience sporting events and connect with athletes like never before…a future enabled by Motion Ventures.

Award winning creative agency

We are building for tomorrow because tomorrow is the future and we want to make a contribution to the wonderful digital age that is awaiting us.